The Engagement Party...

The Party was a great success! Courtney Sexton made amzing food and we all had a wonderful time!! Ann Marie made this to-die-for Chocolate Espresso Cake that really knocked our socks off! And to top it all of, we were blessed to spend the evening celebrating our engagement with those we love and appreciate!!!


155 Days

Well the wedding plans are moving along. This weekend is an engagement party celebrating Lance's and Cindy's engagement! Yay! Courtney & Mike Sexton are putting on the shindig and it is sure to be a blast. Cindy's mom and some of Lance's family have also been able to make it up for the occasion in addition to the friends that will be there partyin' it up in honor of the soon to be Stuckey's. In addition, Cindy has found a bridal gown, the bridesmaid dresses have been picked (there is a link on the left), food has been tasted, cakes have been admired, and Cindy is enjoying it all. Cindy is also excited to have included some good friends in her bridal party. Heidi Cross as Matron of Honor, Courtney Sexton , Elizabeth Graham, Bridget Kokolis, Leah Thomas, Lauren Altman, Kristen Smith, & Lyndsay Blythe are bridesmaids.


165 Days to Go!!!!

According to the knot.com, Mr Lance Stuckey and Miss Cynthia Blythe will be married in exactly 165 days! (pause for dramatic effect.) We are soooo excited! For those of you are a bit out of the loop, the wedding is set for August 25th 2007 in Wake Forest, North Carolina.
We will be married in Appleby Chapel around 4 or 5 pm. The Reception will be immediately after in the Wake Forest Community House. Invitation to Follow!!