Birthday Festivities...

A weekend full of birthday fun!!!

Joe and Leah had us over for an authentic New Orleans Seafood Boil! We had pounds and pounds of Crab Legs, Shrimp and Corn and Potatoes! Mike and Courtney came from Chapel Hill and we had a fabulous time! We ate and ate and ate!!! Then we played Bocce Ball and then we all sat around and drank coffee and ate Hummingbird Cake! YUM YUM! Thank you so much FRIENDS!!!!

Makin' a Wish!!

The day after the Seafood Boil we went to see Batman at the Imax and then went to Shane's Rib Shack! Again, we ate good food and had lots of fun!

Little Joey in his "Party Shirt"

I LOVE this Guy!!!


Happy Birthday Lance!!!

Happy 29th Birthday, Sweetie!!!

29 Years ago today in Georgia, Andy and Carol Stuckey welcomed their new son,
Jonathan Lance Stuckey
into the world. I have only been a part of his family for one year but it has been a true blessing and encouragement to know and love him. He is a wonderful, Godly man and I am so honored to be his wife and to stand by him as Our Lord uses him in a mighty way.
Happy Birthday, my love!!!
(Stay Tuned for Birthday Photos!!!)


Mamma Mia, Here I go again...

"Cynthia Stuckey, Welcome to your Late Twenties."

That's right blogging family, it is time for another birthday. On Monday, I entered into the sphere of "late twenties"--- The next milestone birthday is ahem.. 3-0. WOW. But, I must admit, this was one of my favorite birthdays. Seriously, this was my first birthday as a Stuckey and my sweet husband bent over backward for several days to make me feel so very special! I honestly cannot remember a more fun birthday since the Little Mermaid Birthday Sleepover Extravaganza many many moons ago. Although, this particular birthday was a bit less "Disney Princess" and a little more grown-up. Which isn't a bad thing at all. :)

I made myself a 3-layer Fresh Lime Chiffon Cake and I had a lot of fun doing it. Which is pretty surprising. For someone who sees cooking as the quintessential purpose of having a kitchen, I must confess that baking often stresses me out. Honestly, for those of you who do not believe me, ask Lance. He has talked me down from the culinary cliff's edge, many a time. This particular time, Leah came over and she and Joey watched me and gave much appreciated assistance in the cake baking process. So between Lance, Leah, Joey and these fabulous new Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Cake pans that my wonderful mom gave me as a birthday gift, the cake was a yummy, limey, success. YAY!

On my actual birthday, Lance and I had a lovely dinner at Maggiano's (Thanks for the gift card, Evan and Christi!) It was simply amazing. We ate way too much and even brought leftovers home for the next day. I love this particular restaurant because they do everything with excellence but they are not snooty. :)

The World's Best Creme Brulee. Oh my Word.
If it had not been my birthday, this picture would be slightly embarrassing.
However, please note the 2 spoons. I did not do this on my own.

Very Full, Very happy Stuckeys

Displaying my new Apron and Potholders, also courtesy of my Mama. :) She's got style!

Courtney and Michael Sexton. They are such good friends to us.. and a very cute couple, don't you think? :)

Soooo, the only candles I could find were the 2 and the 5 from last year, that somehow did not get used.. so we added one more to make 26. :) And, we finally got to get our Crystal Cake plate out of the, "we know we wanted to get this from our registry, but we don't have room for it right now in our small apartment" closet!!!

Me and my little buddy Joey. He is such a doll.
(P.S. I'm not really this Ghostly White color.. must be the flash.)

Courtney and Cindy

So all in all, it was a very good couple of days, Lance took me to see Mamma Mia on Saturday afternoon-- and it was really fun! Monday began with a fabulous breakfast with my lovely work ladies! Linda made Monkey Bread like I have never had before and we all sat around and welcomed the day with breakfast and coffee and monkey bread and fruit!!! It was truly a treat! Thank you all sweet friends and co-workers! And then--I had a virtual car picnic with Heidi all the way from Florida to celebrate-- which was a treat as well! We sat in our respective cars and ate ChickFila and talked on the phone just like we were in the same car together!
I received many calls and cards from Family and Friends and I was certainly reminded of how blessed Lance and I are to be loved by so many wonderful people! Thank you all so much!!!

P.S. Lance's birthday is just 'round the corner, so I intend to post about how HE was made the center of attention, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


And we're back!!!

Funny Face-Offs!
The Poole's-- still newlyweds!!

An impromptu picture of some of the Blythe's: my dad, Lance, my brother Daniel, Ava, Deanna and Elayna!

It's amazing how funny something like Bubble wrap on your foot is. :)

Uncle Lance needed to be helped to smile!!

Fourth of July Fun!!!

We had a wonderful time in Florida this past weekend. We spent several days with family and were even able to have a couple of quick visits with a few friends. The time went by way too quickly as usual and I'm already a little homesick. Also, my camera battery had a convenient habit of dying on a regular basis while we were there so there are limited pictures. I don't have any of the actual 4th for that reason, which is a shame because all my nieces and nephews were around and were so very fun and cute! They are all getting so big and sadly, it makes me realize how much I am missing of their lives. Then again, I know we are where we should be. Oh, if I could be two places at once, I think I would. I'm already looking forward to the next time, which may just be Thanksgiving. Our lives our full of rich blessing in NC, but we sure love and miss our families on a regular basis.

Sweet Deanna reading with Uncle Lance.. she is such a big girl now!!

A quick visit with Heidi--- always a pleasure. We went to Cracker Barrel and Publix Grocery Store.. Two of our favorite things!!!

Dinner at Barbara Jeans' on the Intercoastal in Ponte Vedra Beach with Lauren and Jamey-- so fun!!!

A Nighttime stroll on the beach--- until the fireworks started-- and by fireworks I mean huge streaks of lightening and thunder.

Ava and Grammy (Their excited faces!)

ME and two of my girls!!

I'm not sure what was happening in this picture-- but Lance does not look happy or comfortable. They love him as he is like a big tall jungle gym!

Painting Time!

Ava and Me..

So mom had just taken Deanna's hair down from Braids.. this explains why she looks like a baby lion. so cute!!!!


And We're off!!!

A Few of the Reasons we happily drive 8 hours:

Well, Lance and I are taking off in just a few minutes to the sunny (and humid) state of Florida! We are taking the last opportunity in between his summer classes to go visit the Blythe side of the family. It has been several long months since we have had even a short visit with them so I am about to jump right out of my skin with excitement!!! We will only have a couple of days as Lance has anoth class beginning on Monday-- so it will be a weekend packed with fun and family and we will just try to maximize our family time as much as possible!! I cannot wait to see my parents and brothers and sister-in-laws and my nieces and nephews!!!! All the little ones will come to my parents house on the Fourth together and I cannot wait!!!! Okay for those of you who think I'm over-reacting--- just look at some of these faces!!! I don't have pictures of everyone at this computer but I will soon!!!! We will update when we return!!!
Happy Fourth of July!!!