Wilmington Fun...

Wilmington in a Day...
We attempted to see the best parts of Wilmington on Columbus Day.. It was relaxing and fun to be able to spend the whole day doing very little at all and absolutely nothing that translated to work. Ahhh.. this is what Bank Holidays are for!

Once a Cheerleader... Always ashamed of it..
My Sweet Husband relentless requested this "blast from the past."

Kilwin's Ice Cream... There is no better ice cream!

We would have to say the same about P.T.'s :) We tasted many of Wilmington's little known delights!

The Stuckeys


The Honeymooners have returned...

Enjoying our favorite lunch spot.
We enjoyed this beachside grille with its yummy food and amazing ocean breeze. I especially loved the delicious Gazpacho (Chilled Tomato and Cucumber Soup) and Tacos El Pastor (Cubed Seasoned Pork with chopped Pineapple.) We also loved the daily supple of Fresh Guacamole and Salsa and Chips! It's a good thing we came back after only a week!

Our Poolside Cabana which protected us from Evil Sunburns!!!
We spent alot of time here, enjoying the breeze and reading books! So Relaxing!

Just before the BIG DAY!!!

The Best Bridesmaids in the World.
Seriously. Each of these girls has had an important part in my life and it was wonderful to have them present at this special time. Whether we have known each other for 25 years or just over a year... they each mean so much to me and made my Wedding Day even more special!

Legally Ready to be MARRIED!!
We had way more fun getting our marriage license than the average person. We were giddy. Seriously. You would have thought we were actually married with this piece of paper. I love that I married a man who makes everything so much fun. It makes even the little things meaningful. I am so thankful for him.

I love these three cuties so much. Deanna, Elayna and Ava Blythe definitely have had a huge piece of my heart ever since the day they were each born. All my nieces and nephews have me wrapped around their finger.

The girls actually called Lance "France" when they first met him. Great Fun!

Nate and Benny Blythe are Cousins and practically best friends. It is such a blessing to see so much of their dads, my brothers Chip and Matt in them. It was so great to have almost all of my whole family present. Only one of my wonderful brothers could not be in attendance and he was greatly missed. Everyone that was there traveled a long way and it would not have been the same without them!!

Pre Wedding Fun!!!

My Wonderful Mother and Me!!
So first, let me just say that the wedding was SO fun! I had the best bridesmaids in the world! They were so very helpful and encouraging and fun to have there as a part of the special weekend.
I have to share a few photos of the pre-wedding festivities!!



Well, TEN days left until the BIG DAY!!!! We are so very excited and that's really all I have time to say.... Gotta Run!!!!




The Birthday Kids

One Big Happy Family of Stuckeys...
The Birthday Boy and His "Happy Plate" at P.F. Changs... He ate all his dinner...Notice the Asian Eyes... I love his sense of humor.
The birthday girls' pedicure. Much needed and much enjoyed. The color was actually called, "Twenty-Five Colorful Years!"
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!! I have a job!!! This past week, I was given an offer from Fidelity Bank here in Wake Forest to be their new Office Manager. I joyfully accepted the offer and attempted to get out of the parking lot of the bank before jumping off the walls with JOY! Lance and I are so relieved and happy that this has happened. It is such a huge burden that has been upon us for months. We have been constantly remarking to one another how excited we are and Praising God for His provision. The best part is, the job begins after our Honeymoon! Now that this hurdle has been crossed, I feel as though I am ready for the wedding to approach! There is much to be done and I cannot wait. God's timing is perfect and we have seen this in this situation in a huge way! Thank you all for praying for us in this area of our lives!


One year ago!!!

I wanted to Congratulate Courtney and Mike Sexton on their First Anniversary (I am a little late in doing this!) By recalling a photo from her wedding!!

And the days fly by....

Well, we have made it to the month before the wedding! There is still MUCH to do and very little time with which to do it! But, I am absolutely determined to enjoy every minute of it! Lance has been wonderful in helping me continue to get settled in our apartment. I am sorry to say there are still boxes on almost every room-- but progress is being made every day!
This weekend we will enjoy the celebration of Lance's 28th birthday with a visit from his parents! The weekend will inevitably hold a time of golf for the guys and shopping for the girls!! We hope to be a blessing of love and hospitality to them this weekend.
Hopefully I will remember to take some photos and post them! What a novel idea! I seem to be quite forgetful about this poor blog these days.
***Please remember to keep us in your prayers as we continue to prepare our hearts and minds for being married. It is such a special time full of so many fun things and we wish not to lose our focus of what this is all about!
*** Also please pray for the job situation. It has been one brick wall after another and we are struggling each day to continually trust our God who is so capably in control! Please pray that we will not be fearful and doubtful for the outcomes which we do not yet see.
We love you all and hope to see you at the wedding on August 25, 2007!!!!


Isn't Love Grand???

These are just a few of our Engagement Shots!! To view more, please visit http://poiemaphotography.smugmug.com/gallery/3050058

First Anniversary!!!!

Well, today is June 26, 2007. Exactly ONE year from our first date! One year ago today, we had lunch at Over the Falls Deli and thus began what is now Lance and Cindy. We have been very busy lately, busier than normal it seems.
I (Cindy) am in my last week of my last class and am trying to pack up my apartment to move in the next few days to our new place!! All the while, Dog sitting and writing thank you notes... Oh yeah! And trying to find a job (still) and planning that wonderful event which will take place two months from yesterday!!!! The job hunt is a bit grueling. It seems as though I have sent out a million resumes but I am sure it only feels that way. The Lord will provide. However, I must daily remind myself to wait patiently for His timing.
Lance and I are so very excited with every day that passes and we are so happy we will be able to see many of you very soon!

Cindy Blythe

P.S. If you have not made out of town arrangements, please see the information below regarding such accommodations!!


Stuckey = Home

WE HAVE A HOME!!! We have been assigned a lovely two bedroom Apartment in the lovely Fletcher Village!

Mr and Mrs S.

*I will be moving in around July 2nd. In the mean time, packing packing packing. :) I have accumulated so much stuff over the last four years of living in zip code. Wow.
*Tomorrow is my last final and then GRADUATION on Friday!! YAY!!!! The Parents are comign in town! All Four of them! Reuniting of the Stuckey's and the Blythe's with the soon-to-be married!!!
* Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE our new apartment? It's perfect. Very sunny kitchen. And the Kitchen quasi- tile is very very nice. SIGH. This is fun.



Another Photo!!!


This past weekend was a very fun Bridal Shower weekend!
My sister in law Melody and my best friend, Heidi Cross threw a wonderful bridal shower with all of the florida family and friends!! The food was amazing and we had the most wonderful cake!! (See photo!) It was a very special time and I was able to see several people which I do not normally get to see! In addition, I was able to visit one of my bridesmaids, Bridget, in South Carolina... and we did a very small amount of fun shopping!!
The weekend was full of spending much needed time with friends and family. I really soaked up the time with my parents on Mother's Day!! Having the weekend completed, I am back to papers and tests and finals are fast approaching!!

---Cynthia Blythe


109 Days to go....

So I am really horrible at remembering to add entries... Sorry for all of you who are interested in the details. I began this as a helpful tool to help stay connected with our loved ones and keep you all informed. HOWEVER, I realize that I must actually add a blog entry for that to work. So to all of you, thank you for your patience and I will try to be better in the future! HMMM.. I think I may just get Mr. Stuckey involved in this... He has a great memory!
Well, So I'm sure you all want to know what is taking all of our attention lately.. School, School and more school!!! I am preparing to graduate on May 25th of this month and I cannot wait. Lance has been quite busy himself preparing for the semesters' end. We are enjoying the prospect of the end of the semester so that we might work on some wedding and apartment related things! We are both traveling this weekend to our respective parents' homes for Mother's Day and are very excited to be able to spend it with our Moms.
That is pretty much all we are doing lately! I will try to write again very soon!
**Also-- for those of you traveling in from out of town-- You may want to reserve hotel rooms for the Wedding Weekend soon!!!

Love to All!
Cindy and Lance


The Engagement Party...

The Party was a great success! Courtney Sexton made amzing food and we all had a wonderful time!! Ann Marie made this to-die-for Chocolate Espresso Cake that really knocked our socks off! And to top it all of, we were blessed to spend the evening celebrating our engagement with those we love and appreciate!!!


155 Days

Well the wedding plans are moving along. This weekend is an engagement party celebrating Lance's and Cindy's engagement! Yay! Courtney & Mike Sexton are putting on the shindig and it is sure to be a blast. Cindy's mom and some of Lance's family have also been able to make it up for the occasion in addition to the friends that will be there partyin' it up in honor of the soon to be Stuckey's. In addition, Cindy has found a bridal gown, the bridesmaid dresses have been picked (there is a link on the left), food has been tasted, cakes have been admired, and Cindy is enjoying it all. Cindy is also excited to have included some good friends in her bridal party. Heidi Cross as Matron of Honor, Courtney Sexton , Elizabeth Graham, Bridget Kokolis, Leah Thomas, Lauren Altman, Kristen Smith, & Lyndsay Blythe are bridesmaids.


165 Days to Go!!!!

According to the knot.com, Mr Lance Stuckey and Miss Cynthia Blythe will be married in exactly 165 days! (pause for dramatic effect.) We are soooo excited! For those of you are a bit out of the loop, the wedding is set for August 25th 2007 in Wake Forest, North Carolina.
We will be married in Appleby Chapel around 4 or 5 pm. The Reception will be immediately after in the Wake Forest Community House. Invitation to Follow!!