Stuckey = Home

WE HAVE A HOME!!! We have been assigned a lovely two bedroom Apartment in the lovely Fletcher Village!

Mr and Mrs S.

*I will be moving in around July 2nd. In the mean time, packing packing packing. :) I have accumulated so much stuff over the last four years of living in zip code. Wow.
*Tomorrow is my last final and then GRADUATION on Friday!! YAY!!!! The Parents are comign in town! All Four of them! Reuniting of the Stuckey's and the Blythe's with the soon-to-be married!!!
* Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE our new apartment? It's perfect. Very sunny kitchen. And the Kitchen quasi- tile is very very nice. SIGH. This is fun.



Another Photo!!!


This past weekend was a very fun Bridal Shower weekend!
My sister in law Melody and my best friend, Heidi Cross threw a wonderful bridal shower with all of the florida family and friends!! The food was amazing and we had the most wonderful cake!! (See photo!) It was a very special time and I was able to see several people which I do not normally get to see! In addition, I was able to visit one of my bridesmaids, Bridget, in South Carolina... and we did a very small amount of fun shopping!!
The weekend was full of spending much needed time with friends and family. I really soaked up the time with my parents on Mother's Day!! Having the weekend completed, I am back to papers and tests and finals are fast approaching!!

---Cynthia Blythe


109 Days to go....

So I am really horrible at remembering to add entries... Sorry for all of you who are interested in the details. I began this as a helpful tool to help stay connected with our loved ones and keep you all informed. HOWEVER, I realize that I must actually add a blog entry for that to work. So to all of you, thank you for your patience and I will try to be better in the future! HMMM.. I think I may just get Mr. Stuckey involved in this... He has a great memory!
Well, So I'm sure you all want to know what is taking all of our attention lately.. School, School and more school!!! I am preparing to graduate on May 25th of this month and I cannot wait. Lance has been quite busy himself preparing for the semesters' end. We are enjoying the prospect of the end of the semester so that we might work on some wedding and apartment related things! We are both traveling this weekend to our respective parents' homes for Mother's Day and are very excited to be able to spend it with our Moms.
That is pretty much all we are doing lately! I will try to write again very soon!
**Also-- for those of you traveling in from out of town-- You may want to reserve hotel rooms for the Wedding Weekend soon!!!

Love to All!
Cindy and Lance