Last Year

This time last year, I was doing this...
Whoa, Mama. 
Then a few days later, sweet Abby came into our lives. Well, I say "came into" as though it was her idea. It was NOT her idea, here she is-- expressing her feelings about being evicted from her nice warm home:
She can still express her displeasure by poking out her lip this way.

She was well received with several sets of loving arms:

Lucy waiting to hold her newest baby doll. 

Our new little Stuckey girl enjoying a *rare* nap. 

And now? Oh yeah, she is about to have her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! 
I cannot believe it!!! (If your child watches Little Einsteins.. that is meant to be said in the voice of Quincy.)

I'm off to plan a birthday celebration... and to cry buckets of tears as to where the past year went!!!


Because I cannot have coffee with each one of you...

Grab a cup, (or one of those 8-10 glasses of water we're supposed to be drinking!) and know this is what I would say to you if we could hang out today. 
For the Mommies:

Today is Wednesday, the mid point in the week-- because by now, most of us have forgotten... You are so very valuable to your little children. Do you know what a difference for Christ you are making in these little ones? You're not just a band-aid applier and PB&J fixer, you are the one who gets to help them see JESUS on a daily basis!

Some of you got up and put on yoga pants as you prepared for another day of wiping runny noses and navigating a minefield of Cheerios. While others' mornings consisted of slamming coffee, getting the whole family dressed at break-neck speed and seeing to everyone else's needs while you somehow squeezed in a few minutes to get yourself ready for work. (Bonus points if you had time to accessorize.)

We will all spend the day tackling a to-do list. Whether from your kitchen counter or a desk in an office, remember that what you are doing matters. God has given it to you to do, no matter how insignificant the task seems. You will either spend the day looking into little faces while you work or breathing silent prayers that God watch over them and keep them safe and healthy until you see them at the end of the day. 

Whether you will spend the day distributing multiple Sippy cups or sending countless emails, use your tasks as a way to Worship the One who gave you them to do.  Worship Him with your attitude when something unreasonable is asked of you. Worship Him with your mind when explaining how something works to your preschooler. Worship Him with your emotions when your silence is interrupted by children who cat-nap and wake up cranky. Worship Him by being a witness to those you work alongside when they are catty and difficult to deal with.

Don't try to be perfect. Just be a Mommy who loves Jesus. Trust in His Grace every hour, every moment. 

Do it all, (both scrubbing toilets and navigating corporate politics) to the glory of God.