Hanging up the Bouquet!!!

I had the privilege of being Matron of Honor in one of my closest and dearest friend's wedding this past weekend. Lauren Altman (Now Poole!) and I have been close friends since high school and have even known each other since the elementary days! She has always been such a wonderful encouragement and support. She is always someone I can turn to and laugh with; she's always there for a good chick flick night and she makes a great partner in crime when conquering the sales at the nearest mall or outlet center!! I have many memories of the crazy things we have done together and will always cherish the memory of being a part of her beautiful wedding day!
As this was the 13th wedding in which I have been a bridesmaid, (yes, that's right-- with four brothers and a LOT of single friends, I had become a career bridesmaid!) I have decided to hang up my bouquet and retire as a bridesmaid. And most of my friends are all married off! Hahah! Glad it could end with my sweet friend Lauren!!!!

The Bride and her MOH!

Getting Glammed up!

I was able to spend a few minutes with my dear friend and former college roommate, Viviane. She was also a SEBTS gal and has since moved back to Florida to marry and become a great school teacher! She has recently learned that she will be a mommy later this year! I cannot wait to share in the joy of such a joyous occasion as when my sweet friend becomes a mom!
Love you E!

The reception was brief but I was also able to spend a bit of time with my Heidi!
It was such an unexpected treat to be able to see her for a few minutes at the wedding reception and made me miss her even more! We are meeting for a "girl's weekend" in a month or so, and I can hardly wait to have her all to myself for three days of sun and fun.. and shopping. ;)

My handsome husband wearing my favorite suit! Isn't he is so good lookin'? I love being married to him! He makes my life one beautiful memory after another. Even the mundane is meaningful when you are married to your best friend!

A funny shot of the Bride packing for the honeymoon!

The Bride and her MOH had to make a Starbucks run!!!
One Iced Caramel Macchiato and One Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte, please!


Did I mention that I love this guy? Did I mention how agreeable he was all weekend and how unselfishly he let me spend almost two days with the Bride to be? What a catch!


My Recent Culinary Adventures...

For those of you who know me, it is no surprise that I LOVE to cook. I love to make trusty old recipes that are predictable in taste and appearance... I love to take magazine recipes and try my hardest to make the finished product look like the photo... I love to try my hand at brand new things that seem difficult... I love to make things that most people would just purchase or buy frozen. Not because I think it's always better, but because it is truly and inexplicably therapeutic. There is no substitute to coming home from work, getting comfy and heading to the kitchen for my almost nightly routine of washing, chopping, sauteeing and seasoning fresh vegetables while listening to some supremely mellow music. I Love taking fresh ingredients, adding the right amount of seasoning and patience and winding up with a dinner! The only two things better than preparing the meal itself--- Eating it with my wonderful husband and.... having leftovers the next night so I can use the time on something else I enjoy. All in all, I genuinely look forward to the time I spend in the kitchen. It helps that I cook for someone who is so grateful and so willing to help with the cleanup!!!

Some of my Favorite Sites for Cooking Inspiration: My Favorite is Cooking Light Magazine!!!
The Barefoot Contessa!!!!
Mini Strawberry Shortcakes
(inspired by Paula Deen!)

My first attempt at Macaroons
(these were actually pretty good!)

I had to put this photo in here because I thought it looked pretty! I love to cook! In case you're wondering: Butternut Squash Soup; Balsamic Glazed Asparagus; Wild Rice and Turkey Cutlets.

These are my nephews, Nate and Benny.. obviously not a food item.. but they are so cute I could gobble em up-- so they made the cut.

I always keep a bag of Frozen Peas around.. not because they are good to eat but because I often burn myself in the kitchen and frozen veggies make great ice packs!! These injuries happen way too often. Tonight I was chopping an onion and just thinking to myself how dull my knives were getting and I took a healthy chunk out of my finger! Oh well, it's worth the injury to have a hobby that results in a necessary provision! :)