Goodbye Papa

This Evening, February 28th at 5:10pm, my Grandfather, Glenn Blythe went home to be with his Lord and Savior after 87 years of abundant life. He was a wonderful Father and Grandfather. He was married to my Grandma, Helen for 63 years. They were married so young that my Grandma even lied about her age. She was 17.
They were blessed with one boy (my dad) and four girls (one set of twins among them.) He enjoyed bluegrass music, working on his house, gardening and puttering around his house and yard.
I have many memories of him but some in particular involve hot summer afternoons of picking blueberries when I was in elementary school. He used to lean down to me and whisper, "you can eat some if you want to. I don't mind." And wink. He always winked at me and smiled so big you would think he was playing a joke on you. His eyes always twinkled when he grinned. I always loved to hear him say, "Little Cindy-..." (and whatever followed.) One of his daughters (my aunt) was named Cindy, so the designation was necessary and it stuck.
He was a wonderful man who loved his wife, loved his family and loved his God. We are so sad to see him go but so happy to know how alive he must be in the presence of His Lord.

Don't let the stern look fool you. He was a big teddy bear.

Lance and I are off tomorrow morning to say goodbye and to celebrate the life of my Grandfather. Please pray that we will be able to minister to our family in the midst of this bittersweet time.


While I'm on a roll...

I ran across a few more pictures from some of the "not so old" old days of Heidi and Cindy and I just had to...

I'm afraid these are classic looks of disapproval. Someone was being funny with the camera. Yikes.

Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Cross!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my friends, Heidi and Paul Cross on their First Wedding Anniversary! Their wedding day was February 17th, 2007 in Jacksonville, Florida and one year later, I just cannot resist a little sampling of photos! Also.. I might add that this is the perfect opportunity to say that Heidi has been my best friend in the entire world since the "diaper days." She has been there for me through every major mountain and valley of life and through every event, she has been there to laugh and cry with me and to cheer me on when things were hard. We have shared birthdays, graduations, Holidays, and now each other's weddings! I love her dearly and miss her so much!

Best Friends!!

The Beautiful Bride

The Day before the Big Day!!!

Happy First Anniversary Heidi! I love you!!!
Love, Cyn


I'm not really a waitress...

Sooo... Today I had the wonderful experience of getting a pedicure in the middle of the day. I had a class for my job which got out extremely early and happen to be across the street from a nail salon. It was a wonderful blessing to be able to sit for a little while, read a magazine and have someone make my feet pretty. :) It's the little pleasures sometimes. Anyway, I was very amused when the red color that I chose was called "I'm not really a waitress." That made me laugh to myself, because it might as well have said, "I'm not really a banker." There are so many days in my job where I feel that ALL I am is a banker. Seeing as being a banker is the solution to the present need for income, I enjoy many aspects of the job.. but there are those days, when I would love to tell everyone around me in a tone just above a whisper, "you know what? I'm not REALLY a banker." But the important thing is, I'm not. I am more things than that. And sometimes after spending a week's worth of long days in a job that takes so much energy, it's really comforting to remind myself that I am.... a wife of a wonderful man who loves the Lord and loves me; I'm the daughter of two wonderful parents; I am an aunt to 10 fabulous kids; I am a sister; I am a friend to some wonderful people; I am a daughter in law; I am a cook who enjoys a challenge and loves feeding people; I am someone who likes to decorate my apartment and loves to entertain; I am a girl who loves to read books from her childhood; I am someone who relishes the time at home when I can pretend if only for a few hours... that I am a housewife; but most of all, I am a child of God-- and that gives me more identity than stack of business cards or the nameplate on my desk. Never has red toe-nail polish been so therapeutic for me.


Almost caught up...Some of the things we've done!!


No Road Trip is complete without Sundrop!!

Every now and then I come home to this... He likes to make Biscuits.. :) I think the apron must help in the baking process!

Halloween 2007: I was a gym teacher and Lance was... scary. Please notice the mustache and the drawn on tattoos. yikes!

We have so much fun together! It really doesn't take much for us to entertain ourselves and be laughing hysterically. Marriage is so great!

Our First Christmas

A Disgruntled Reindeer...

Our Little Apartment Tree... It was so cheery and red and it only took about 15 minutes to get completely up and to take down!

My In-laws. These are the parents of my wonderful husband.. Carol and Andy Stuckey

Some of the Nieces: Deanna, Elayna and Ava.. They are so fun! These little girls have my heart. And they love some Uncle Lance too. "Unca Yance" is more appropriate!

This Christmas we were able to see Lance's parents before (they came to visit!) and also to visit my parent's in Florida for New Years. It was a family and fun-filled weekend and we were so glad to spend a lot of quality time with my nieces and nephews. Please enjoy the photos! :)