So much thanks to give.

SIX months old.

Isn't she adorable? So much to be thankful for.
I am one happy wife and mommy.


Exersauce-ing around...

Wow. I love this new toy of L's (sent by her loving Grammy and Grandaddy!) I have enjoyed just sitting there watching her play with it. I know every parent must think this-- but She is so smart! It's completely worth the extra space it takes up in our slightly "bursting at the seams" Townhouse. Although, we may have to put something in storage if we are going to put up a Christmas tree... hmmm. I will get to work on that.


Things we have been up to...

We went to the NC State Fair with the in-laws!

L's first Rice Cereal and Veggies

A few days later, she loved the sweet potatoes...

My dear sweet husband bought me a beautiful new pie plate and adorable little leaf pie crust cutters.

The finished product... which we shared with our dear-they-might-as-well-be-family friends, Mike and Courtney. Love em. We did not love, however the way the Dawgs were soundly beaten by the Gators, did not celebrate a victory.

I had my first opportunity to dress my child up like a vegetable. And oh, what fun it was.
THIS is why people become parents.