5 weeks to go...

Well, tomorrow marks the 5 week mark. We are officially just over a month out from the due date! May I just take this post to say a very verbal THANK YOU to my sweet husband? Good.

He has been so incredibly great this entire pregnancy (well our entire marriage, really) as he has taken such good care of me through every crazy stage. From the morning sickness that lasted waaay to long (oh that fateful New Years' Eve) to the current state of emotional surprises. "Hormonal Pregnant Rollercoaster-- party of one and whomever happens to be standing nearby, please."

He has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you, babe for all you have done and sometimes not done to make this easier on me.

Thank you for never minding my strange food cravings.
Thank you for never making fun of me for baking a cake at 9:00pm (well not too much fun anyway.)
Thank you for taking time you do not have out of a busy schedule to pitch in around the house and lighten the load.
Thank you for the foot massages, the head scratches and never ever minding when I fell asleep at 7pm on the couch.
Thank you for reminding me to take care of myself and rest.
Thank you for being excited to look at baby clothes every time we go somewhere.
Thank you for making me feel cherished and loved and beautiful-- despite how I may think I look.
Thank you for helping me cook dinner and clean up when you have other things to do.
Thank you for singing cheesy Hall & Oates songs to me in the kitchen. (I really didn't know you could jump that high. Really, hon- you've got some moves!)
Thank you for thinking of me far more than I deserve.
Thank you for loving me and this little baby girl and letting us both know it.

I love you so much Babe!


7 1/2 weeks to go!!!

June 3rd-- HERE WE COME!!!