9 months ago.....

This little bundle came into our world.

Oh sweet girl, you have grown so much and so fast since then.

You love to play with your toys-- especially your books. You love to "read" them and chew on them! You really enjoy looking through (tearing up) the Pottery Barn Catalog after mommy finishes with it. Though lately you prefer "exploring" now that you have learned to crawl! You are certainly keeping your Daddy and I busy.

You are a good little eater...

Most days.

Sometimes, you are bit...


Other days... you aren't. Sometimes your face looks like this after Daddy feeds you. You don't seem to mind.
Not one bit.
You love Pears and Sweet Potatoes (see picture.)
You enjoy Avocado and Banana and
sometimes you even eat peas!
Mommy is always so proud  of you when you enjoy drinking water from your sippy cup.

I can hardly believe you are growing this fast. You bring such joy to us every day and we pray that God will continue to give us wisdom as we teach you to Love God,  Love others and Serve Him.


I just Love 'Em!

My two blue-eyed Loves.


More words than I planned Wednesday


This morning Mr. S and I both realized that we missed our engagement anniversary a couple of days ago. And yes, we are just that cheesy. Anyway, I guess that is what comes with having kids and getting busy! Either way, I love you Babe and I am so glad you asked me to marry you three years ago! So here is a picture of us the weekend we got engaged at my best friend's wedding (the actual event, not the movie.)

Which brings me to my next point---
  Today is the THIRD wedding anniversary of our dear friends Heidi and Paul. They are a wonderful couple and are now parents of the adorable Ryland. We love you guys!!! 



Just a thought...

"This is the day that the Lord has made; 
let us rejoice and be glad in it."  --Psalm 118:24

I just needed that reminder and I thought you might too! 

And now for the picture--- (because in the words of Casey, "every post should have one!")

 Here's our Sweet Lu, just as happy as a clam and playing with a giant lemon!


Show us your life: Beauty Tips and Favorite Products!

Thanks Kelly, for today's SUYL! 

I'm pretty loyal when I find something I love in the makeup product category... I enjoy  branching out but I always seem to go back to my old gold standards! I have to admit, that I have yet to find any drugstore lines of makeup that I can use. Either it gives me an allergic reaction or it just does not seem to be worth the money. However, my dear husband and I don't find ourselves in a very high tax bracket these days.. so that may be changing pretty soon whether I like it or not. Ha! The thing is, these products seem to last so long!!!

For foundation, I LOVE Bare Minerals Makeup.  Every single time I have switched to something else for an extended period of time, my skin starts breaking out-- so I learn my lesson and switch back! 
 When it comes to the rest of my makeup, I enjoy either MAC or Clinique. Both because you seem to get a lot for the money and the colors are very well concentrated so it lasts a long time. 

Some of my "must-haves" are:

Zoom Lash Mascara Definitely love this! It costs about 13.00 and lasts a long time with daily use.
MAC eye pencil in Ebony Personally, I am always a bigger fan of a eye pencil you have to sharpen just because I feel like I can use it down to the very last stub!
MAC Powder Blush in Blushbaby  LOVE this. The shade looks great on just about anyone and a little bit goes a long way! (I'm sensing a theme here.)

 A lot of MAC's products are great AND they have a Recycling program, where if you bring in 6 old, used MAC containers, (like the stub of a color pencil, an empty compact, or an empty or dried out mascara tube) you get a free lipstick of your choice! I wish every makeup counter would do something like that! 

I also love Clinique Makeup for certain things. They have great eyeshadow duos and I also enjoy their High Impact Mascara. (Great brush wand.) And to top it all off, they do a free gift with purchase very often! I will always have a special place in my heart for Clinique as it was the first makeup I was "allowed" to wear--- My mom sure appreciated their "pale pink" pallette for her teenage daughter! Haha!

Okay enough about Make-up, there are certain things that I consider beauty must-haves 
regardless of what goes on my face last! 

*8 Hours of Sleep EVERY night (when possible!)

*8 Glasses of Water EVERY day! -- It really does make a difference in the quality and moisture of my skin

* Lots of Fruits and Veggies! 
*When I am not responsible enough to drink all my water, my daily moisturizer helps make up for it. Now, I have tried several pricier moisturizers, but my all-time favorite is from Sam's Club. Yep. Sam's. It comes in a yellow container, I think it is called GENES or something like that. It is just this big, regular container of Yellow Vitamin E Lotion. It's less than 8 dollars and it lasts for more than 6 months. WOW! It reminds me of the Dramatically Different Moisturizer at Clinque with a much lower price tag..
 AND......My number one favorite beauty secret is having a husband that makes me laugh hysterically and a daughter that prompts hundreds of smiles a day! 

What about you?


Simple Pleasures

       Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is having a Simple Pleasures post today and I thought I would take part. Life is so full of beautiful, wonderful things.. there is no way I could list them all-- but here are a few! What are the simple pleasures you appreciate in your little corner of the world?

* Fresh cut flowers in a simple mason jar on my kitchen table
* The smell of fresh, clean laundry
* A neatly made bed with clean, sweet smelling sheets
* Cozy Pajamas and warm wooly socks in the winter
* Watching a movie on the couch with my husband-- all cuddled up together
* Dinner in the Crock-Pot
* A sparkling kitchen floor
* Going on long walks in the park
* Freshly Pedicured Feet and a pair of Flip-Flops
* The first glimmer of springtime in the breeze
* Hugs and Kisses from my husband
* Holding Hands with my husband
* Dates with my husband
* Making these cinnamon rolls and delivering them to the neighbors on a snow day! 
* Knowing I have the wonderful privilege of praying to my Heavenly Father
* Hearing my little one say Ma-ma
* Having nice scented soap in the kitchen and bathroom