Almost Wordless Wednesday

Somehow in the midst of playing together, Lance ended up with a box over his head and Lu thought it would be good idea to sit on the top of the box and trap him in. Those kids.


Summer Reading

I have a confession to make. I have a small, thought somewhat still significant addiction to books. I have often thought that I sometimes enjoy the idea of reading a new book than actually reading one. I LOVE the smell and feel of a new book... or even an old book for that matter. Though I usually find myself short on reading time, I still cannot resist beginning books, but for some reason I cannot stick to one at a time. I am currently in the process of reading several books and as I hope to finish several if not all by Fall, I thought I should share them... for accountability's sake if nothing else. That way, I will remember I told you about them and will be prompted to "stay on task." What are you reading this summer??

A Lineage of Grace
by Francine Rivers: I have enjoyed several of Francine River's books and this one is excellent!

Taste and See: Savoring the Supremacy of God in all of Life.
by John Piper. A wonderful compilation of 120 short meditations from John Piper's A Godward Life-- I have loved reading a short section of this before going to bed at night.

To Kill a Mockingbird
by Harper Lee. Somehow I have lived 28 years and never read this Southern Classic. I found this nice hardback copy for two dollars at a used book store and I look forward to diving into it!

Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. In the last month or so, Lucy has really grown into her personality-- well, that pretty much covers it. Lance and I feel the need to read a couple good parenting books and hopefully, stay one step ahead of her. HA!

Feminine Appeal 
by Carolyn Mahaney
I am ashamed to say I started reading this book when I was still pregnant with Lu and somehow before I finished it, I misplaced it. It has been found and added BACK to the pile. GREAT book so far.

The Grand Weaver
by Ravi Zacharias.
This is one of the books I spotted in my local LifeWay store on sale for $9.99 and I just couldn't resist it! The book deals with the sovereignty of God in all of life and seeing His hand at work all of our life events. I haven't started it yet, but it looks good!

A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from my Kitchen Table
by Molly Wizenberg
Lance found and gave me this lovely little gem for Christmas last year and though it took me months to finally crack it, it has to be one of my all-time favorites. Though each chapter/ story is only a few pages, the author shares much of herself within these few words. Some bits are funny and anecdotal while others are rich with the tragic emotion of losing a loved one. In all, she shares how food and cooking have shaped her life and helped form her experiences. I literally have found myself laughing to myself while reading it's pages. Last night I kept interrupting Lance (who was reading a bit of History before bed) to share witty paragraphs. I cannot wait to finish it!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Year 6) by J. K. Rowling. Yes, I am a kid at heart. When Lance convinced me to read these books, we were engaged-- so I humored him. :) But I was instantly hooked! It's not the first time he has rightly suggested I do something! I read most of them in very little time and now that the last movie will be coming out in the fall, I decided to re-read the last two. They are a bit darker than the preceding books so I try not to read it for days on end. :) They are VERY well written.



It's raining. a lot.

I love rain.... sometimes.

Times like right now. When I can sit at my desk... all warm and cozy and work away... or take a small break to write this down.

Ahhh, rain.

Although, I reserve the right to change my mind around 5:00PM if it is STILL raining and my new haircut gets drenched, thus rendering me... no longer bouncy and cute but.... frumpy, dumpy and a couple more of the other 5 dwarves.

At which point, I will burst through my front door, drenched and sighing, and exclaim, "I HATE rain!"

And Lance will remind me that we need the rain and he will tell me to go change.

At which point, I will do so and then I shall bake-- a birthday cake.


One year ago...

One year ago this week, I was spending all my time snuggling with a little mitten-cuffed Lucy

Now, I have this little summer beauty-- no more restricting mitten cuffs for her-- She's on the MOVE!!!