Three Birthdays and So Much love...

Today my little girl had her THIRD birthday. Her third. How did that happen? When did that happen? (Later this summer, I will have my THIRTIETH birthday. Ahem, when did that happen?!)

Anyway, I have developed this little tradition of taking photos of her birthday breakfasts each year. So, as I go over the huge task of weeding out photos from the Minnie Mouse Extravaganza (so much fun!)--here is a little teaser. :)

 Lucy's actual BIRTH Day.. 2009

Her first Birthday... 2010 (In Wake Forest!)

 2nd Birthday-- 2011 Bringing in Two years old with Chocolate Chip "Stones" and Strawberry "Smooties"

My Beautiful Three year old this morning. What a little girl she has become!!!


Catch up and Recap

We've been a little "busy" over the past 2-3 months. First, we were surviving--but just barely. Then, we were living day to day and finally we are thriving as a family of FOUR! There have been some crazy, crazy moments. Some quite comical, others not the least bit funny. But, mostly, it's just been many moments of life that we love to live.
We've been cuddling and snuggling...

We've been celebrating milestones and fun days...

 Guess who is turning three in 2 weeks???

Abby's Baby Dedication

We've been Crafty and Creative...

We've spent much-needed time with close friends and family...

And, most importantly, we have been grateful to watch our two little girls grow!