Family Photos!

We recently had a few family pictures taken here on campus and they turned out very well. Our little girl was an absolute doll the entire time (we-ll almost the entire time.) Special thanks to Scott Clevenger for a wonderful job!

Here are just a few of our favorites! We are trying to narrow down the "must haves" for the 'S' household-- but we must do it quickly because that L, she is ever-changing!!!

The 2nd from the bottom, the one of just Mr.S and I was taken on "our bench" where He first confessed his love for me. There. How's that for pure romance? I love this guy.


Two things I adore and One thing I abhor....

This sweet little angelic face

Who wouldn't enjoy cooking when they live with their own personal Soux Chef? I came downstairs one morning last week, preparing to fix muffins for breakfast. My loving husband had prepared all of my ingredients. I felt like I had my very own cooking show!

And now, for the thing I ABHOR:

Finding this disgusting arachnid in my daughter's blanket, just before laying her down on it. EWW. Why, yes as a matter of fact, that IS an egg-sac. Double-EWW.


Wordless Wednesday

My mom came to visit!!!


An Exciting Announcement!!!

Little one has slept through the night every night for an entire week!!!!! 
(And her parents feel like brand new people.)