Wordless Wednesday: Abigail Grace!

Here she is.... well, the back side of her anyway.
She was a bit cozy and refused to turn around for the camera.


Saving Money when Printing Coupons & Favorite Deal Sites

    Now, we all know there is a wealth of printable coupons out there on the internet--many of which you are allowed *TWO prints per coupon (allowing you to get multiples of a good deal, or when things are Buy-one get one free)
    But recently, I was noticing the amount of copy paper I was going through! If I printed from a site like Target, the coupons would fit several to a page, but if I printed from a manufacturer's website, such as the salad dressing below, the entire page would be practically wasted. Especially if they take the opportunity to fill the rest of the page with advertisement.

SOOO, (and yes, I just figured this out!) I have started doing 2 things to maximize my paper "real estate"

1. Before I cut the coupon out, flipping the page over and rotating it and feeding it back into my paper tray to print another coupon on the back or on the bottom. (I know, obvious-info here-- but I promise, it just occurred to me last week and I felt silly for not doing it sooner!)
The second photo below shows how the coupon is once on one side, once on the other so I can cut both!

2. The second thing is, I have started keeping a tray of recyclable sheets of paper that have one side blank, whether from a marketing letter in the mail, the 2nd page of a recipe I print or whatever. MANY recipes end up going over onto a 2nd page, just with two sentences of information. Then I just gather these sheets up and feed them in my printer before I print coupons.

Again, I know this wasn't extremely exciting-- but in an effort to save our families a little money by couponing (not to the extreme, of course. :) I watched that show for the first time this week--YIKES.) we can maybe make that pack of copy paper go a BIT further.

What are some of your favorite deal/ coupon sites?

Mine are Frugal Coupon Living
              Faithful Provisions
              Couponing to Disney
              Totally Target
              And my ALL TIME FAVORITE! I Heart Publix (There is also an I heart Kroger as well I think.)


Wordless Wednesday: Fall means enjoying the Publix Pilgrims

Several years ago, Publix Grocery came out with this adorable commercial (s?) about little Pilgrim Salt and Pepper Shakers. They became so popular, that people wanted a set of their own so they started producing them at the Holidays. They have since stopped, I believe.. but my sweet mom bought me a set a few years back and now Lucy is LOVING playing with them. I'm not sure how many Thanksgivings they will make it through but we're making memories in the mean time! :)

In case you want a trip down memory lane, here is the commercial:


And here are a few shots of my own little pumpkin enjoying them!