First Anniversary!!!!

Well, today is June 26, 2007. Exactly ONE year from our first date! One year ago today, we had lunch at Over the Falls Deli and thus began what is now Lance and Cindy. We have been very busy lately, busier than normal it seems.
I (Cindy) am in my last week of my last class and am trying to pack up my apartment to move in the next few days to our new place!! All the while, Dog sitting and writing thank you notes... Oh yeah! And trying to find a job (still) and planning that wonderful event which will take place two months from yesterday!!!! The job hunt is a bit grueling. It seems as though I have sent out a million resumes but I am sure it only feels that way. The Lord will provide. However, I must daily remind myself to wait patiently for His timing.
Lance and I are so very excited with every day that passes and we are so happy we will be able to see many of you very soon!

Cindy Blythe

P.S. If you have not made out of town arrangements, please see the information below regarding such accommodations!!

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