And the days fly by....

Well, we have made it to the month before the wedding! There is still MUCH to do and very little time with which to do it! But, I am absolutely determined to enjoy every minute of it! Lance has been wonderful in helping me continue to get settled in our apartment. I am sorry to say there are still boxes on almost every room-- but progress is being made every day!
This weekend we will enjoy the celebration of Lance's 28th birthday with a visit from his parents! The weekend will inevitably hold a time of golf for the guys and shopping for the girls!! We hope to be a blessing of love and hospitality to them this weekend.
Hopefully I will remember to take some photos and post them! What a novel idea! I seem to be quite forgetful about this poor blog these days.
***Please remember to keep us in your prayers as we continue to prepare our hearts and minds for being married. It is such a special time full of so many fun things and we wish not to lose our focus of what this is all about!
*** Also please pray for the job situation. It has been one brick wall after another and we are struggling each day to continually trust our God who is so capably in control! Please pray that we will not be fearful and doubtful for the outcomes which we do not yet see.
We love you all and hope to see you at the wedding on August 25, 2007!!!!

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