Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!! I have a job!!! This past week, I was given an offer from Fidelity Bank here in Wake Forest to be their new Office Manager. I joyfully accepted the offer and attempted to get out of the parking lot of the bank before jumping off the walls with JOY! Lance and I are so relieved and happy that this has happened. It is such a huge burden that has been upon us for months. We have been constantly remarking to one another how excited we are and Praising God for His provision. The best part is, the job begins after our Honeymoon! Now that this hurdle has been crossed, I feel as though I am ready for the wedding to approach! There is much to be done and I cannot wait. God's timing is perfect and we have seen this in this situation in a huge way! Thank you all for praying for us in this area of our lives!

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