Wilmington Fun...

Wilmington in a Day...
We attempted to see the best parts of Wilmington on Columbus Day.. It was relaxing and fun to be able to spend the whole day doing very little at all and absolutely nothing that translated to work. Ahhh.. this is what Bank Holidays are for!

Once a Cheerleader... Always ashamed of it..
My Sweet Husband relentless requested this "blast from the past."

Kilwin's Ice Cream... There is no better ice cream!

We would have to say the same about P.T.'s :) We tasted many of Wilmington's little known delights!

The Stuckeys


Lindsey said...

look at yall already taking fun trips.. good job Stuckeys!!!

Ronnica said...

That's great that you can enjoy bank holidays. I guess they really are good for something!

Lindsey said...

alright there is something terribly wrong when it is Christmas time and 30 degrees outside and your blog comes up with Christmas pictures haha!

how was the wedding? I MISS YOU!