Rest and Relaxation...*SIGH*

Here we are at the Red Onion Cafe-- go if you have the chance!
We recently had the wonderful blessing to spend the weekend in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. The weekend following the crazy and wonderful week that was VBS, Lance and I were blessed by Linda and Ernie Baker to be able to stay in their beautiful cabin in Boone. Neither Lance or I had ever been to Boone and it was amazing!! We were able to stay for two nights and three long days.
Lance made me breakfast in the spectacular, large kitchen!!!


God's Wonderful Handiwork!!!

Marriage-- another one of His beautiful creations!!

We just LOVED our time here! Here we are at Blowing Rock.

Here is my man, the daredevil....

UHOH. Just Kidding, we were just clowning around...

More of the Clowning...

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