14 Weeks!!

Well, The last few months have passed by (some days so much slower than others thanks to the nausea!) And we have all three (Lance, Baby and Myself) made it to the 2nd Trimester!!! I would like to formally thank my husband for getting me through this time of constant "sickiness" and doing it with patience and love and consideration. He has really been a blessing and an encouragement and I could NOT have done it without him. I know we will continue to face difficult days in this pregnancy, but the Lord has and will sustain us both-- and I am so thankful for my husband. Without further ado... I think the worst of the "all-day sickness" is behind us! I have had a cold for over a week but even with that, I feel more like myself than I have in months-- and that is a nice feeling to be sure!

I wanted to share a few things from these last few months that I know you will appreciate.

A few things that I consistently craved or that gave me comfort from the nausea:

  • Bagged Ice. No kidding, we have had to have some of this in our freezer at all times this entire pregnancy. I do not think this will change. (see photo below.)
  • Sour Patch Kids. Anything sour basically. Sour jelly beans, etc.
  • Citrus Everything. Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, wow.. good stuff.
  • Spicy Food. (I know, strange for someone who is sick to their stomach.)
  • Pickles. (As predictable as this one is, it's so true. Somedays I would plan my lunch around where I could get pickles and lemonade.) But not ice cream. :)
  • In the beginning it was hamburgers. Not good, gourmet hamburgers.. but cheap, thin, hamburgers. Some days, this was all I could eat for lunch and since I knew I needed the protein, well... I did it. Regardless of the occasional nagging guilt in my head saying, "Do you want your precious child to be addicted to JUNK food? Do ya?!" Luckily this craving has just about passed except for the occasional surprise "gotta have a burger" spurt. Weird. I know!! And I am NOT a junk food eater. Anyone that knows me would tell you I am a bit of a food snob with somewhat of a "refined palate" as Lance calls it. Go figure. :)
  • I have not had a cup of coffee in three months.. and I do not miss it (for now.) I still can't stand the thought of it. My mom was apparently the exact same way.

A few funny "Husbands say the darndest things..."

  • On our way to the first OB-Gyn appointment, I was (big surprise) feeling a little woozy and Lance out of no where says to me... "You know, I think '0b-gyn' sounds like a droid from Star Wars... I do." I have to admit, he does have a point. Just the same, it's pretty cute.
  • Lance asked me if the baby is a girl, can we name her "Pearl" so that he can refer to me as "Mother of Pearl." I said no. Can you blame me?
Honestly, there have been so many other funny things that have come out of this little adventure, but once I sit down to write them... I cannot remember. Something with the PG hormones maybe?

Here's Lance with that wonderful bagged ice...

I'm so sorry this is crooked. I cannot figure it out.

This is Him. Here's my guy.. the one who has unbelievable patience. Love him.

I was so glad that the sickness subsided just in time for THANKSGIVING!!! It was wonderful!!!

P.S. we will find out whether boy or girl on January 2nd!!!!! Any thoughts????


Lindsey said...

i am going to say boy for 2 reasons: 1) i craved ALL of those same things 2) bc its boy season :)

allison said...

I craved junior bacon cheeseburgers from Wendy's like nothing else. I understand that craving. Also, I'm going to agree with Lindsey on the boy front.

Ronnica said...

I can't see you eating junk hamburgers. Hmm.

Let's see...
You grew up with boys, so you'd probably be good with a boy, but I'm partial to little girls, so have a girl, will ya?

Andy, Pam, Katelyn, and Zachary said...

All I have to say is SONIC and SMITHFIELDS! They have the BEST ice--you know the little pellet kind? Smithfields used to sell it by the bag (not sure if they still do or not) and Sonic of course uses it in everything cold!

I'm going to say girl!

Erin said...

Congrats on making it to the second trimester! That's a really big milestone!! It's amazing how attached you become to the baby so quickly.
I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes by smoothly for you!

Tim and Anna said...

It's so funny Lindsey said she thinks its a boy, because I thought the exact same thing. I craved all the same stuff when I was pregnant with Levi! Only sour things, and nothing too sweet. Plus the burger thing, it must be those boys wanting their manly food in there. Anyways thats just my guess!! So glad to hear you are feeling better in the second trimester!

Miss you!!