Several Different Sighs

Have you every realized how many types of "sighing" there are?

I have.

I find myself sighing a lot these days.

6am- Alarm goes off. Breathe a prayer that the Lord will sustain me for today. "Only today." Deep breath as feet hit the floor which ends with hopeful sigh that today will be a bit easier.

6:30am- Disappointed sigh that pre-preg work clothes still don't fit properly. Ha.

7:00am- Happy sigh at the lovely sounds of baby girl waking up. Make mind up to soak up every second of the next hour with her.

7:03am- Sigh of Laughter as she lights up when she sees me.

7:05am- Euphoria. Pure euphoria as she is on my shoulder. We both sigh happily.

7:15 am- Praying again for the Lord's strength and grace. Deep Breath of peace.

7:45am- Where did the last 40 minutes go? Time to leave for the day. Sigh. Happily kiss husband and daughter. They're both smiling.

7:47am- Say 'goodbye' again. Sigh. Try to leave. Unsuccessfully.

7:50am- Realize I'm going to be late. Sigh of exasperation with myself. Look back at them one last time--- Sigh. Blow a kiss and leave.

8:00am-ish- Sit down at computer. clock in. open email. Sigh of Resolution to give it my best effort, happily with a grateful spirit. Sigh of Disappointment with myself that I'm not more patient.

5:00pm- on the dot. Time to go see my family. Sigh of relief.

5:10pm- Walk through the door. Breathe a second sigh of relief and smile as they both smile back. Kiss that handsome man and breathe in the sweet smell of the little baby's head. SIGH. Life is good.


On the job front, we have had a few "nibbles" you could say. One particularly encouraging "conversation" that will hopefully turn into more... we shall see what our God has in store. More on that when I feel at liberty to share.

In the mean time, know that we are still alive and doing well. Needing to stay encouraged these days. Finding it hard to focus on today and not look ahead with anxious expectation.

"Are there any among the false gods of the nations that can bring rain?
Or can the heavens give showers?
Are you not He, O Lord our God?
We set our hope on you, for you do all these things." --Jer. 14:22


Jason and Kathleen said...

Great seeing you and the fam yesterday! Hopefully Charlie will be a gentleman and Lucy will like him.

Elaine said...

You are in my prayers. While I am not going through the same things you are right now, I am certainly in the midst of other things that cause me to "sigh". Hang in there and remember that our God is still in control. He will pour down His blessings greater than you can even imagine...love ya, girlie!