It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Tonight I took a little time to notice some of our Christmas decorations. As I did, I was reminded of the past several Christmases Mr. S and I have shared together. I love when small details on the tree or in our home jog a certain sentimental memory. They remind me of the joy we have shared over the past few years and the many ways that God has been ever faithful to us. They remind me of various and sometimes humorous memories of the last few years that we have shared together. Last year, after Christmas, we were blessed to be able to purchase a large pre-lit tree at 60% off and so this year, we have enjoyed the way it swallows our cozy living room. We have added a few more ornaments but it's still pretty open in areas. I like that. It reminds me that our family still has much growth ahead of us. Hopefully year by year we will add a few more ornaments, and a few more memories and a few more remembrances of how God is ever beside us, guiding our steps and blessing us beyond measure. In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite memory producing ornaments.

This picture was taken the first Christmas we were dating. I remember we spent about 12 days visiting both of our families in Georgia and Florida. At the end of that trip, when we didn't hate the sight of each other-- we knew we might be in it for the long haul. I guess it's apparent what I wished for that Christmas!
This beautiful nativity ornament was given to me last Christmas by Linda, my co-worker and friend. This ornament is so special to me because it is a simple and poignant reminder of the reason behind all of our joy at Christmas. In addition, this ornament will always remind me of a special time in my life when God so richly blessed me with a workplace full of wise and God-fearing, God-honoring women. They continue to encourage me in my walk and as a wife and mom and I am so blessed by them.

This ornament was from our first Christmas together as Mr. and Mrs. S. It was a special and memorable Christmas and we still laugh about some of our "1st Christmas" memories.

This is my favorite Christmas decoration. My first full nativity which my sweet husband has helped me collect. I cannot wait to teach Lu all about the Meaning of Christmas with the help of this beautiful visual aid. Although, I might add that next year it will be a bit "higher" off the ground. Away from little hands. :)

My Littlest Christmas Decoration and Her amazing Daddy.

I LOVE that we now have 3 stockings to hang.

We may not have thought we would still live here. We definitely did not think we would still be living here by this time this year. We certainly did not expect to be in such a place of uncertainty. We are still praying every day that the Lord would continue to direct our paths and make His way clear to us. It took me a little longer to embrace "unpacking Christmas" this year as I was hoping we would have to turn right around and pack it up. I got over that as soon as I realized what I was missing by missing what was happening now. We still do not know the future--- Not even the immediate future. But I do not intend to ruin this wonderful, celebratory time of year with my deferred hope. I fully intend to embrace the JOY of my Savior's Birth with everything that is in me. I know without a doubt that I will never forget THIS Christmas as long as I live.


Mom B said...

Wonderful post...love your pictures and your sweet descriptions! So glad you are embracing Christmas ~ why miss the joy of today worrying about tomorrow? Lucy's smile in that picture with Lance is soooooo cute!
Merry Christmas!

PjW said...

Loved seeing some of your favorite ornaments. We had a blast looking at and finding our favorites as we pulled them out too. It gets to be more fun when your little ones ask about each one and then wants to know about all their special ones too! Love the Nativity scene down low under the tree too and yes, last year for that. Ours is on the mantle this year...hehehe! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

Tara said...

What a beautiful post, Cynthia! I loved seeing your favorite ornaments and the memories they embrace!