Simple Pleasures

       Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is having a Simple Pleasures post today and I thought I would take part. Life is so full of beautiful, wonderful things.. there is no way I could list them all-- but here are a few! What are the simple pleasures you appreciate in your little corner of the world?

* Fresh cut flowers in a simple mason jar on my kitchen table
* The smell of fresh, clean laundry
* A neatly made bed with clean, sweet smelling sheets
* Cozy Pajamas and warm wooly socks in the winter
* Watching a movie on the couch with my husband-- all cuddled up together
* Dinner in the Crock-Pot
* A sparkling kitchen floor
* Going on long walks in the park
* Freshly Pedicured Feet and a pair of Flip-Flops
* The first glimmer of springtime in the breeze
* Hugs and Kisses from my husband
* Holding Hands with my husband
* Dates with my husband
* Making these cinnamon rolls and delivering them to the neighbors on a snow day! 
* Knowing I have the wonderful privilege of praying to my Heavenly Father
* Hearing my little one say Ma-ma
* Having nice scented soap in the kitchen and bathroom

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