11 months old...

People always give the same piece of advice to a new mom-- 
"Hold on to every moment, it goes faster than you think."
When I was first told that, I remember thinking.. "Sure. It will go by relatively quickly-- but does it really if you're expecting it to?" Umm, I was dead wrong.
Time does not go by at a relatively slowish pace.. Oh, no-- it SPEEDS by at a lightning fast pace! I sincerely have no idea where the last 11 months have gone. I feel like I was just lying in that hospital bed, pinching myself and trying to believe that I indeed had a child. 
And not just any child, the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on.
She was so soft and sweet and pink. She was the epitome of the most perfect shade of pink I had ever seen.

A few seconds later, I'm sitting here addressing invites for her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Yes, my little Lu-bug is a busy little bee these days. She is crawling all around the house at a pace that clearly communicates she is on a mission! She has been eating more and more solids and seems to be enjoying them! 
She recently tried (and loved!) spaghetti; blueberry muffins; chicken nuggets; green beans and just about anything lately! I caved and gave her a first french fry yesterday-- and she LOVED it. :) 
We probably won't make that a habit though!

We continue to echo this verse within our home:

"The Lord has done great things for us; we are GLAD!" 
--Psalm 126:3


Jason and Kathleen said...

you are SO right! it does go by too fast. I am saying the same thing about my 8 month old! Lucy is an absolute beauty. Happy 11th monthy sweet girl.

Linda said...

Beautifully expressed and so true!!
How could my baby be 6 foot 4 and 24???

Evan said...

Hey Cindy...It was good to see you and Lance and Lucy Sunday. Thanks for stopping in. Christi and I are praying for you guys.