It's raining. a lot.

I love rain.... sometimes.

Times like right now. When I can sit at my desk... all warm and cozy and work away... or take a small break to write this down.

Ahhh, rain.

Although, I reserve the right to change my mind around 5:00PM if it is STILL raining and my new haircut gets drenched, thus rendering me... no longer bouncy and cute but.... frumpy, dumpy and a couple more of the other 5 dwarves.

At which point, I will burst through my front door, drenched and sighing, and exclaim, "I HATE rain!"

And Lance will remind me that we need the rain and he will tell me to go change.

At which point, I will do so and then I shall bake-- a birthday cake.

1 comment:

BOWquet said...

Are you baking your own cake?!!? That's not allowed you know :)

I want to see pictures of your new haircut. :)