Having Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas...

Watching a bit of Charlie Brown's Christmas-- She loves it!

 Lucy went to visit her Nana and became buddies with Santa at the Christmas Party.

 Our Tree. I love it. Most of the ornaments are up high-- except for the "touchable" ones. Lucy gets upset if she comes out and the lights are not on. It's so funny, she notices right away. I could do an entire post on our tree. I would like to add more to our tree. I think it needs ribbon.  I am one of those people that never could do a theme Christmas tree because I love how all of our ornaments are different. Most of them tell a story or remind me of a special time. This year when we unpacked them, there were several that our dear friends in Wake Forest had given us or made for us. Those are some of my absolute favorite.

Last week, Lucy brought me two shopping bags and her coat and then proceeded to wait by the door... still in her pajamas. HA! I love my little shopper. 

 Our Nativity. I would like to find more nativities in the future and have them all over the house-- for now, we have two. This one and Lucy's---
 Which she LOVES. Love those Little People products.

 This is how she usually plays with it. Her mom straightens it when she's not looking. :)

My favorite Christmas decoration of all. 


Tara said...

I love the one of her in her coat with the shopping bags! Precious!!!!

thesextonfamily said...

oh, I miss you guys!!!! We are going to be in Columbia this weekend and i will be missing you even more!