Thankful Thursday

I don't usually do this but today...

I am extremely thankful that when Crayola says "Washable" Crayons, they mean business.

Yesterday, Lucy drew me a nice picture on our kitchen counter with a red crayon (she was supposed to be coloring in her coloring book.. but you know how it goes, I got distracted and turned around to... ART.)

Since we are still in our townhouse I was slightly concerned and I said something like, "Oh No, Lucy-- you must not color on the counter-- only on paper!" (...with what was probably a VERY concerned look on my face) She just looks at me as I walk over with paper towels and 409, buckling down to scrub away at the stain. (I'm so smart, I thought I would "demonstrate" how long it took to clean off and thus make it very clear why she shouldn't do that again... silly me...) So, as most of you might already know, the crayon comes RIGHT off. Just like that. Amazing. So Lu just looks up at me as if to say, "Really, Mom? You made a big deal over that?" I had to walk around the corner so she didn't see me laugh.

Just another little "First time Mom" lesson... but really, Crayola, "Thank you!"

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BOWquet said...

SO funny! lol
And now I must go and buy washable crayons. lol Though thankfully Story has not colored on anything. She did write all over my computer, walls, fridge, and kitchen cabinets w/ a sharpie once. It was a horrible experience. lol