Mother's Day: Then and Now

 My First Mother's Day- 2009 Just Weeks before Lucy was born! (WOW.)

Mother's Day 2010- The day Lucy was dedicated at EBC in Raleigh

Mother's Day 2011- Augusta, GA 
(I would like to point out that apparently, we really got our money's worth out of our dresses! HA!)

Lance and Lucy completely spoiled me and we had a great day together. Worshiping together at our church (which we absolutely love) and then lunch at home with some new dear friends and then we relaxed together. I am so thankful to be Lance's Wife and Lucy Mom-- God has truly blessed us and we continue to be amazed by it every day!


Tara said...

Oh, how sweet! Happy Mother's Day!

Linda said...

How fun to look back! I sure remember that first shot of sweet Lucy in your tummy. What a joy to see her grow, and you delight in being her Mom!

Derek and Amanda said...

It is so fun to look back over the years! :) Amazing how fast things change!