She's Baaaackkkk...

I've been kindly reminded by not only my husband but also one of my best friends that my blog was.. sort of dormant. So, in honor of the new Fall Season, lets sweep away the cobwebs and catch up, shall we?

Oh my word. I just looked back to see when my last post was. Two MONTHS ago. Sheesh.
Okay let's do a fast forwarded-version of catching up.

My last 2 months in Pictures:

Lance and I both celebrated birthdays at the end of July...

Publix baked my cake since I wasn't feeling up to it..

But then I DID muster up the culinary fortitude to bake this cheesecake for Lance's special day. I'm so glad I did but let me just say, it will be a LONG time before I ever make anything THAT calorie laden again. HA! Half of it went in the freezer! But it was good, and He, of course is worth it!

We enjoyed a little hometown fun one Saturday with a trip to our local farmer's market and riverwalk... (Note: all farmer's markets are NOT created equal. Still spoiled from the NC State Market, but it's better than nothing!) 

Took a little impromptu overnight Girl's trip to Savannah to meet my mom... and have Dinner with Paula of course! 

Someone finally moved from a highchair to the booster seat at the table. I know, it was past time--but she's still so petite we didn't notice! 

 Made this soup... Easy and delicious-- recipe definitely to follow (THIS WEEK!)

 Made this bread.. it's our old standby but we LOVE it. We make two loaves at a time and freeze the second one for a few days later. One loaf doesn't last very long between toast, sandwiches and general eating! 

 Had a visit from Grammy--picked out our pumpkins and mums.. finally got the Fall decor out! 

And last but not least, Jam sessions with Daddy!

OH, and did I mention, we are having another BABY??!!!! We go on Tuesday to find out if pink or blue is in order! We are unbelievably excited. And as a matter of fact, now that the cat's out of the bag on the blogosphere, THAT explains my lack of posts! But I'm feeling MUCH better now, so hopefully we are back to "normal" for a while. Whatever normal is. :)


Linda said...

So good to have you back...and can't wait to see if you will be swimming in pink or blue! Looking forward to hearing from you more often...especially your delicious recipes and more pics of adorable Lucy and your baby bump. I miss the daily updates I would get when we worked together!

Caitlin L. said...

Love it! The pictures are beautiful and you are glowing and gorgeous as always. I can't believe you waited unitl the very end to spread your amazing news :) , but we are soooo excited! ♥♥

Tara said...

Yes, it is good to hear from the Stuckeys!!! Can't wait to hear pink or blue soon!!!