Wordless Wednesday: Fall means enjoying the Publix Pilgrims

Several years ago, Publix Grocery came out with this adorable commercial (s?) about little Pilgrim Salt and Pepper Shakers. They became so popular, that people wanted a set of their own so they started producing them at the Holidays. They have since stopped, I believe.. but my sweet mom bought me a set a few years back and now Lucy is LOVING playing with them. I'm not sure how many Thanksgivings they will make it through but we're making memories in the mean time! :)

In case you want a trip down memory lane, here is the commercial:


And here are a few shots of my own little pumpkin enjoying them!

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a girl and her love said...

Oh how sweet!!! I love her and her hair! It's getting so long. And you gotta love a 'lilgrim!