Catch up and Recap

So aside from the occasional recipe, I've not been the best at posting lately-- other things keep calling for us, namely doing the life that we want to post about, but I would hate to forget some of these things so here is a quick recap in pictures and little funnies!

32 Weeks Pregnant with Girl #2 on Christmas Day!

Our little girl became a big girl when she celebrated Christmas by becoming potty-trained (yay!) and getting a new pink tricycle! What a Christmas it was and we enjoyed every minute of it!

 Lucy and I have celebrated many girl's days out over the last couple months, one of the most memorable was her first movie: Beauty and the Beast. She wore the Belle costume and enjoyed a Coke Icee-- it was a perfect day!

My little princess

 I spent some time "nesting" after being inspired by Pinterest a long time ago to actually do these things. The ones up top are for a couple of sweet baby boys I know, and below are a few for Abby!

Today we are 38 weeks along and are set to see our little girl next week-- I'm so excited and yet a little anxious for sure. I have enjoyed SO much my one on one time with Lucy lately just doing fun things like painting nails, baking, PLAYING, reading books for way longer than usual and just simply enjoying my growing girl. I cannot believe in 4 months she will be THREE years old. The time has really flown by but I'm so excited for this next stage as our family grows!

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Tara said...

Loved seeing your belly bump and hearing all about the big girl things you've done with Lucy! Can't wait to hear next week!!! Praying!