You might have a newborn if...

You might have a newborn (and a toddler!) if...
  • Taking a shower in a 24-hour period requires Dad being home to hold down the fort,  is considered a REAL accomplishment and means you had a "good day."
  • 90% of your meals are eaten left-handed and with great care not to spill food on a tiny, sweet head and you often find crumbs from meals she did not eat on her little clothes.
  • The minute your children go to sleep (if they do) you do crazy adventurous things like go to the bathroom and see how fast you can "straighten up" in 15 minutes before the little one changes her mind about napping.
  • You and your husband truly understand what is meant by the phrase, "Ships passing in the Night" except that 'night' usually means the wee small hours of the morning and 'passing' means groggily sharing snippets of conversation while trying to get baby girl back to sleep.
  • You find yourself daily torn between relishing in the exhausting weeks of newborn sweetness and looking hopefully ahead to the spring, "when we will all feel more normal."
  • When you thought about writing this post, the points you wanted to mention were completely different and now totally escape you.
  • You have a renewed appreciation for being married to "the right man" as you travel through these days of weariness and lean on one another on a daily basis. 
  • You have a renewed appreciation for the promises of God's daily provision of strength and sustenance. He has been faithful to help us in this "survival stage."
  • You hurriedly wrote the last two bullet points of this post while a certain someone began to stir and request their next meal. :)

We appreciate the prayers and the kind words many of you have sent our way! 


a girl and her love said...

i'm so happy for you and yay for a post! Looking forward to meeting the bundle of love. Will keep praying for you and for strength!

Elaine said...

Love this, Cindy! I felt this also applied to me still now & my little one is 6 months!