Three Birthdays and So Much love...

Today my little girl had her THIRD birthday. Her third. How did that happen? When did that happen? (Later this summer, I will have my THIRTIETH birthday. Ahem, when did that happen?!)

Anyway, I have developed this little tradition of taking photos of her birthday breakfasts each year. So, as I go over the huge task of weeding out photos from the Minnie Mouse Extravaganza (so much fun!)--here is a little teaser. :)

 Lucy's actual BIRTH Day.. 2009

Her first Birthday... 2010 (In Wake Forest!)

 2nd Birthday-- 2011 Bringing in Two years old with Chocolate Chip "Stones" and Strawberry "Smooties"

My Beautiful Three year old this morning. What a little girl she has become!!!


Tara said...

Happy birthday Lucy! Can't wait to hear about the birthday party!

Linda said...

I can't believe she is three already! How well I remember the day of her birth, and her first birthday!! She is so beautiful with her long curly hair. Happy Birthday Lucy!!