Merry Christmas!!!

It has been a GREAT year here in our family. A year of both great JOY and great CHALLENGE. We come to the end of this year, praising God for all He has done in us and through us and asking Him to direct our paths in the near future. Thank you for the encouragement by way of your comments and prayers on my (not so frequent) blog posts. Mental note: Must be more disciplined in 2013. I will admit (with every ounce of humility it requires,) that in some ways, it has taken me every bit of these last 10 months to adapt to having two children. I am so thankful for the twists and turns God gives and for the amazing depths of GRACE He gives right alongside them. He is God and He is Good!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! 
We will be back then with pictures!!!


Tara said...

Beautiful pictures of your family! Merry Christmas!

a girl and her love said...

Loved your card! And can't wait to see you in 6 days and counting!!!

Just the 3 of us said...

Love your card!
And it took me a good year to adjust to 2 kids, I'm still adjusting ;)
It's all worth it!