Last Year

This time last year, I was doing this...
Whoa, Mama. 
Then a few days later, sweet Abby came into our lives. Well, I say "came into" as though it was her idea. It was NOT her idea, here she is-- expressing her feelings about being evicted from her nice warm home:
She can still express her displeasure by poking out her lip this way.

She was well received with several sets of loving arms:

Lucy waiting to hold her newest baby doll. 

Our new little Stuckey girl enjoying a *rare* nap. 

And now? Oh yeah, she is about to have her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! 
I cannot believe it!!! (If your child watches Little Einsteins.. that is meant to be said in the voice of Quincy.)

I'm off to plan a birthday celebration... and to cry buckets of tears as to where the past year went!!!

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Just the 3 of us said...

Happy 1st birthday!!! It sure goes by super fast!