She is definitely my daughter

Abby has had a little bit of a runny nose this week and hasn't quite been her usual happy self, post VBS. We are all still trying to recover honestly.

Sunday morning, Father's Day, we had a nice breakfast together and she kept wanting my Iced Coffee. (In retrospect, I realize that maybe she thinks anything with a straw is a smoothie. She takes her smoothies very seriously.)

We took the following pictures of her reaction when we told her "no."

so unhappy. poor kiddo.

Then we thought we would be really funny and take a video of her reaction. 

Then we got this: (serves us right, by the way! )

(Sorry the video is such poor quality. Still trying to figure it out!)


And for all of you out there who think she just wanted cheerios, a spoon, or her milk.. (namely my Mother!) I can assure you she did not. She had eaten plenty of breakfast and had a whole pile of cheerios on her tray. For some reason, she really wanted the coffee! I love that kid. 

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Linda said...

It does look pretty enticing sitting there all colorful with that fun straw...haha! Priceless!