Stuckey = Home

WE HAVE A HOME!!! We have been assigned a lovely two bedroom Apartment in the lovely Fletcher Village!

Mr and Mrs S.

*I will be moving in around July 2nd. In the mean time, packing packing packing. :) I have accumulated so much stuff over the last four years of living in zip code. Wow.
*Tomorrow is my last final and then GRADUATION on Friday!! YAY!!!! The Parents are comign in town! All Four of them! Reuniting of the Stuckey's and the Blythe's with the soon-to-be married!!!
* Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE our new apartment? It's perfect. Very sunny kitchen. And the Kitchen quasi- tile is very very nice. SIGH. This is fun.



Leah said...

Congrats on getting into the wonderful FV! We love it over here--you will have to come visit us some! Let me know if you need any help packing or unpacking (i.e., finding where to put everything in Fletcher).

Lindsey said...