A new member of our Wake Forest family...

Welcome JOEY!!!! Joseph Paul Thomas, Jr. 05.20.08!!!

Dear Joey,

We are so very excited that you are finally here! It seems like such a long time ago that your mom called me up and said, "I have some news... we are having a baby!" Well, your "uncle" Lance and I were so excited and I was grinning for days. You have to understand, your mom and dad are some of our best friends.. and we really consider them family-- so imagine how excited we were when we found out our "family" was going to grow!!!

Well, the months went by and we started talking about and to you. The long wait is finally over and you are finally here with us! Your mom did such a great job keeping you safe all these months (even though it was rough on her at times!) but after many many hours and lots of hard work, you were born! We already love you so much and we cannot wait to watch as you grow! Your parents are going to be so great at this "mom and dad" thing. They already are. Just know, that your "Uncle" Lance and "Aunt" Cindy are so happy that you are finally here and we are so looking forward to getting to know you better!!!


Lance and Cindy

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Leah & Joe said...

You are such a great "aunt" already! I love the pictures. Of course I am biased though!