Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

The First Annual Trip-O-Fun!!
Charleston, South Carolina

After living in separate states for nearly five years, Heidi and I finally got the idea to meet halfway between NC and FL in Charleston, SC for a GIRLS WEEKEND! We had been planning since January and we were both so excited that it finally came together. Our Husbands lovingly but reluctantly released us for the weekend and we spent three days soaking up some sun and good 'ole girl talk! We squeezed every last little bit of fun out of the weekend that we could and both went home finally feeling like we got to catch up. We hope to make this a tradition which we will continue long into the years of needing babysitters--
Though our lives will change and may look slightly different than they do right now, we will need and always enjoy each other's sweet friendship and company.
We made friends with the Hushpuppy Man and he agreed to take our picture.

Some of the Architecture of Charleston.. Beautiful City!!!

We took this picture about 17 times. No Kidding.I have no clue if this was the one we decided looked the best or not. Thank you auto-setting!

We went to "Jestine's Kitchen" for lunch one day and we would highly recommend it! It was great country cooking and wonderful sweet tea-- which is referred to as "Jestine's Table Wine"

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