Cloth Diapering?

I am seriously considering Cloth Diapering our little one when she gets here at the beginning of June but I am at a loss for resources. Has anyone actually tried this? If you have tried it and have some advice one way or another or know of any blogs, websites, resources-- please share!!! Thank you!

(And for those of you scrunching up their faces and saying "What is she crazy?" There are several reasons I am interested--) Yes it does cut down on waste, (which I feel like our lives our overrun with anyway.) It is also good for baby, and I have heard several say it proves to really save money in the long run. Since I am planning and hoping to be home with little Lu, I think I may just embark on this journey.

Any Thoughts?!


Jonathan and Sarah said...

Go to mycharmingkids.net.... she does cloth diapers... http://www.mycharmingkids.net/search/label/cloth%20diapers will take you to all her cloth diaper entries. :) Love you! Can't wait to see more pics of Lucy!

The Regina's said...

Hey, Aimee (aka Chrissy) has always used Cloth diapers... I'll tell her to look you up and talk to you about it.
I thought about doing the same for the same reasons you have, but I didn't want to spend time cleaning the diapers. lol

Erin said...

*I* use cloth diapers (CDs) and have used them since Harper was born (except for the first few weeks when her premie body was too tiny for them).

I absolutely LOVE it! We had to switch to disposables ("sposies") while we moved here to TX and I absolutely HATED them... she had so many poo leaks!

There are LOTS of great resources online for CD moms. The two I'd recommend checking out first are diaperpin.com and diaperswappers.com.
The first site is general information about cloth diapering and it also has reviews of just about every diaper and accessory you can find! The second site is a forum with other CD moms (I'm snickelfritz) and you can buy "seconds" (aka used CDs... not as gross as it sounds).

There are four general sizes of CD: newborn, small, medium and large.

I just sold all of my newborn diapers and used the money I got to get my small diapers! So, the initial investment of $250 seems like it will pretty much cover me as I continue to resell to purchase the next size up. Compare that to the THOUSANDS you'd spend on sposies over the years!

I could go ON AND ON about how much I love CDing, but I'll just leave you with one more website to check out: jilliansdrawers.com

This website is a good place to buy new CDs (although their prices aren't always the best) but the best part about this website is that she offers a cloth diaper trial program! You pay a little over $100 and she'll send you a variety of different types of diapers (CDs come as fitteds, pockets, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, flats, prefolds, etc). The diapers and accessories (snappis, covers, inserts, ect) that she sends are all BRAND NEW. You try them for three weeks. After that time, you can send them back and she'll refund all but $10!! So, you get to try a variety for $10! Then, the diapers that have been returned are sold on her website (and they usually sell out within a few hours of her posting them) as seconds for reduced prices.

Ok... babbled enough. I just REALLY love CDing. So, feel free to ask me any questions you have!!

The Grady Family said...

We are going to cloth diaper too! There are lots of different website to check out. But, I got great info from the Prayer of Hannah blog, prayerofhannah.blogspot.com . We will have to talk about it at work!


Leah said...

I have used cloth diapers with Georgia for a while now. I took a break before the holidays, hoping to start potty training when we came back. That hasn't happened, so we will be getting into the swing of cloth diapering soon:-) Anyway, there are TONS of options out there--so many that they can be overwhelming! I use prefolds and covers during the day, and BumGenius 3.0 (or disposables) for overnight. If you would like, you can come over and see my CD stash and we can discuss it. By the way, Lucy is a great name!