I am.. what about you?

had this fun little game, and since I really need to have SOME kind of post… here it is:

I am… wishing I could convince myself to like yogurt. It’s so healthy but I hate it!
I think… that one of the most beautiful sounds on earth is a child giggling uncontrollably.
I know… that I know very little about a lot of things.
I want… to be a good mother.
I have… no memory of what it was like to not wear maternity pants. :)
I wish… that I could remember more of what I read in college.
I hate… Nutella.
I miss… my family.
I fear… that I will take my blessings for granted.
I feel… like my feet are looking a bit large and swollen. :)
I hear…absolutely nothing. I love occasional silence.
I smell…Soap and a Cherry Blossom Candle.
I regret... not always being such a great judge of character.
I love… J. Lance Stuckey
I care… a great deal for some close friends who are hurting or struggling.
I always… revel in the fact that I have had the privilege of having such dear friends who mean so much.
I am not… always as patient as I should be.
I believe… that God is Faithful.
I dance… with Lance in the kitchen when we cook dinner.
I sing… when I’m all alone in my car.
I write… and wish I could make a career out of it one day.
I win... very little.
I lose…at games.
I never… drink my milk from a bowl of cereal.
I listen…to many kinds of music.
I can usually be found…these days? sleeping. Or falling asleep. (Or trying to be very productive until I get sleepy.) :)
I’m scared of…losing my husband too soon.
I read…all kinds of books—especially classic children’s books.
I forget…whether or not I turned off the oven and locked the door.
I just…cannot wait to tell Lucy in person how much she is loved.
I am happy about... the next stage of our life!

What about you?

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HappyascanB said...

Oh yay! Loved your answers!!