26.5 Weeks (Wordless Wednesday)

This is from this past weekend on our BabyMoon to Asheville-- (Pictures to come)

Today begins week 27 and the 3rd Trimester!!


HappyascanB said...

You look fabulous! Miss Lucy is surely growing! Where did y'all stay for the babymoon? Wasn't Asheville wonderful?

Jonathan and Sarah said...

You (& Lucy) look great!!! :)

thesextonfamily said...

Yay for Lil' Lu!!

Brian said...

BabyMoon, Love it! You look gorgeous!And yes, Starbucks and a World Lit anthology sounds like a dream date. I"ll go Facebook you...cuz it feels weird to plan something in the comment section of your blog.

Sorry for posting as Brian, I don't have a gmail account. =)


Cilla said...

Thanks for your comment, Cindy! I love keeping up with your blog, too! Totally love the name Lucy... I have a friend named that and it suits her personality quite well, as I am sure it will suit your little girl! :)