As much as I'd like today to be a wordless wednesday...

I have too much to say.

Today was eventful.

1. We met our brand new OB Dr. (Yep, that's right-- 4 weeks out and we had to switch doctors.) This happened last week at our regular appt. with our usual Doc. He had some unforeseen circumstances come up and will be unable to deliver us or anyone else in the months of May and June. It's a shame, because we have really grown to love and respect him. But, aside from my irrational freak out moment in the car on the way home that day, it has turned out okay. He referred us to another Dr. which he knows and trusts and very apologetically sent us on our way.

Today we met the new Dr. and though we haven't spent the last 8 months getting to know him, I think we are all in good hands. This is just one more thing that has happened completely opposite of what we expected. We continue to say and know that God is in Control.

2. On a slightly silly note, after leaving the Dr. and paying them a whopping sum of not quite expected moo-lah, we were riding home and I'm sorta wondering in the back of my mind... "what else will happen?" My glasses broke. Just broke in two. Oh yeah. Resisting the urge to freak out... (Or was it that I did freak out about us potentially having to shell out more money and Lance calmed me down as he always does?)
the details are a bit blurry...

Anyway, we stopped in at the Target optical center and the lovely lady there helped us find a pair of frames that would fit my lenses--- looked up our insurance, found out the insurance would pay for the bulk of the cost (Thank you, Lord!) and had us on our way in 25 minutes. Now, how's that for a crisis averted?

3. Somewhere in the middle of all this, while pondering how uncertain the next few months of our lives are-- I stopped and thanked the Lord for the amazing blessing of becoming a mother. And as I thought about it-- I realized there are a few things I will actually miss about being pregnant. Some serious (I sincerely think I will miss feeling her kicks and movements inside of me,) some silly, some involving ice cream without the guilt... at any rate, I am purposing to thoroughly relish the next 4 weeks.

Once Lucy is in our arms-- I know I will revel in holding her, smelling that sweet baby smell (confession: I currently sniff her baby lotion way too often in anxious anticipation.) I know we will just melt hearing her little coo's and sounds. I know her face will melt my heart as looking into it will reflect not only some of my features but the features of her daddy, whom I love so much. I cannot wait to hold her tiny little pink hands in my own. I ache to see her filling up the space we have made for her, and yet find comfort in knowing that she can stay safely inside my belly for a bit longer.

All weepy ramblings aside, I am loving this. I am loving feeling her little movements and hearing her heartbeat at every appointment. I love the excitement of all of our close family and friends as we await her arrival. I love how the Lord uses her sweet presence to give me amazing comfort as we face uncertainty. She is already bringing us joy and blessing.

Sure, my ankles are swollen and my clothes are forever getting smaller and I get tired at the drop of a hat and I cannot go an hour without a visit to the ladies room and I am feeling bigger and bigger and bigger every day and about a dozen other "interesting" symptoms that come with being pregnant... but the bottom line: I love it.
I could not be more thankful. And how dare I complain anyway? We have been given such an amazing gift in this little one. She seems to be healthy and has been this entire time. What's more important, we know the Lord gave her to us as a gift and a responsibility.

She is a miracle. We are grateful. We are intimidated to be sure, but grateful. God forbid we ever take this for granted.


The Weber's said...

Reading your doctor story made me reflect back on our delivery with Zachary. I prayed and prayed all 9 months that I would get my favorite doctor! And I did for the entire labor until he had to leave just 30 mins. before Zachary was born. I was "ok" with it until who walked in the door?--my least favorite doctor who I prayed I wouldn't get the entire pregnancy. I sat there and wondered "why God?" but then He was again like always proved HE was in control when things suddenly went wrong with delivery and she saved Zachary and myself!! HE is in control and knows why you should have your new doctor! Praying for you and Little Lucy as you are nearing the end...and sorry for such a long comment! Hehehe!

HappyascanB said...

Okay, so the doctor switching, glasses breaking and being as far along as you are, I say you are well entitled to a freak out!! I'm sure Lance calmed you down perfectly, but my goodness! What drama!! The anticipation you put into words is just beautiful. I'm pretty sure it further solidified my theory that I've got baby fever. Yep. Sure do. I can't wait to meet Lucy!!!

thesextonfamily said...

Thanks for the update about the doctor. I know this has been a stressful time. Period. Know I'm praying for you, friend. Somehow, all of these random pieces will fit together just beautifully. Hang in there!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

When it comes to $$ it seems to all happen at once! (My ER visit bill we just got- $600, & I broke my tooth so we HAVE to get it fixed.) God is good though so I am trying not to stress too!

I can't wait to meet Lucy- being a Mommy is the MOST wonderfully tiring, miraculously emotional rollercoaster you can ever step on. I'm so thankful everything has gone smoothly for you & Lucy this pregnancy! What a blessing!