What we've been up to...

We finally got the last piece of Lu's furniture in-- and since it was the piece we were really waiting on, we went right to work-- making her little space. Love it. Love her. Can't wait.

We took a quick weekend trip to Myrtle Beach to spend time with some Stuckey Fam.
Ahhh. relaxation galore. (And lots and lots of crab legs.) This marked our last piece of "travel" until after Baby L makes an appearance.

Mom came to visit last weekend-- she came in time for our Wake Forest Baby Shower-- This was given by Linda Baker and Courtney Sexton. It was simply phenomenal. Pictures to come-- courtesy of Amanda. :)

While Mom was in town, we took in a Durham Bulls game. Great fun-- although we lost miserably. Oh well.

Lucy's First Baseball game. We did not stay for the fireworks. Let's give her ears a chance to mature before submitting her to napalm.

We went strawberry picking at Volmer Farm. Love those organic berries! I planned to make jam-- it never happened. We ate too many of them and made a pie with the rest. Oh well. Maybe next year.


HappyascanB said...

You continue to look fantastic!!! The belly shot with the strawberry is perhaps my fave yet! Love y'all!!!

Leah & Joe said...

I am missing all of the Stuckey made summer treats. Just one more reason why I miss you guys so much. (Most of the other reasons are not nearly so shallow!!)

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Love the nursery piece!! Now all you need is Lucy! :)