12 Days old... The many faces of Lucy...

We. are. tired.

Never the less, we wanted to give you a few pictures of our girl and what's she has been up to these last few days.

She is a pure joy-- even when she keeps us up at night. Haha.

Ok, clearly this is not a face... but so cute.

Pretty Girl.

So far we are not having much luck with teaching her not to stick her tongue out... Oh well.

Spending some time in the swing

About to get a bath and not very happy about it.


Ronnica said...

Love that picture of her sticking out her tongue...it looks like she's purposefully being mischievious!

Derek and Amanda said...

Adorable pictures! :)

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Sticking her tongue out is great... Noah on the other hand would "flick" people off! YIKES! He's much better now thankfully. (But his first picture with Santa, that middle finger is out there...) arg... ;)