5 Weeks Old Tomorrow!

The time is flying by for sure! Everywhere we go, people tell us to enjoy every moment-- and we sure are trying! The first few weeks were challenging but we seem to be getting the hang of a few major things about being parents. We have much to learn.

It's so amazing how much life changes.. OVERNIGHT!

When I pictured being home with her during this time, I pictured long days of a virtually spotless house, a perpetually full and clean baby, and myself all prettied up for when Lance arrives at home... notwithstanding gourmet meals prepared for dinner every night.
Was. I. ever. wrong.

Now, I understand from hearsay that things will get easier, and believe me, they already have in some respects. Lucy is currently quite happy in her swing as I write this.. Two weeks ago, that would have never happened. But she's growing and changing every day-- and as she does, things are slowly getting easier. There are certainly days that I take a shower at 3pm instead of first thing which was formerly my habit. Each day is different with it's challenges and joys. More joys than challenges. Always more Joys.

But, seriously those of you that have small babies or have had children surely remember the first few months. No? Allow me to remind you. :)

I had no idea how fast I could get myself ready from start to finish, leaving out all of the luxuries that before baby, seemed to me to be necessary. Honestly, if I brush my teeth before the sun is high in the sky, it's a good day. There's nothing like becoming a mother to make you realize what a bit of a DIVA you were before motherhood. Really. It's embarrassing to think about it.. but where I usually carried a handbag full of "essentials" and "just in case I need 4 colors of lipgloss.." I now am quite satisfied with chapstick and a check card. Wow. I am learning that I can function on an astoundingly small amount of sleep. I have learned to do almost anything left-handed, (I've always wanted to be ambidextrous... little did I know all I had to do was give birth!)
I have learned that if I want to eat, I better do it FAST and planning ahead is essential to my survival.
For example, I should be preparing for her next meal currently instead of writing this.

All kidding aside,
I am the happiest mom in the world and I cannot imagine my life without this sweet little blessing. She has taken to smiling a lot these last few days. The mornings are the sweetest times when we are able to spend time together shortly after she wakes up. This morning, in the middle of her "breakfast" she stopped (and believe me, the kid was hungry!) just to look up and smile at me for several seconds. She fills our hearts with joy and causes us to forget all the struggles that we sometimes have getting her to sleep, etc. I absolutely LOVE how much personality she already has.

Okay, well... the little one is stirring and mommy's "alone time" is officially over-- thank you all for your patience as this blog's pace is considerably slower than it used to be! We will work on catching it up!


Caitlin L said...

Oh Cin, I loved reading this and remembering (and being reminded of what's to come!). Children are such blessings and it just gets more and more joyous! I love that she's smiling now and enjoy the pictures of your beautiful baby girl. You are a wonderful and amazing mom!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Ha- you are so right! Wait until you go out without her to eat & you STILL scarf your food down out of habit! :)

Ronnica said...

Such a cutie! Glad you're surviving and growing into the role!