In the little things...

Brief PSA: I apologize in advance for not having even a smidgen of "news" on the job front. Though we have found ourselves in the midst of a few new adventures this month in that department, nothing has come to fruition yet.. and so we continue waiting. 

In periods of uncertainty, I find comfort in resting in the truths that I do know, rather than anxiously weaving through the facts which I do not. I DO know that God is working. I DO know that He is faithful. I DO know that He has called us to this time of waiting and that when it is over, He will bring us out of it. I DO know that we are serving and ministering right where we are right now. I DO know that although I cannot be the wife and mom I desire to be right now, I am being the best help-meet I can-- by working. I DO know that though I cannot see where or when or how, He will act-- and we will be thankful that we waited on HIS leading.

I DO know I am a slow learner sometimes.

For example, although this one particular (seemingly astronomical) prayer request of our family has not yet been provided, He is always providing for us. The big things make a large impact on us... there have been many "big things" over the last year or so that have shown us God's provision in very big ways. But sometimes, it's in the little things that God really touches my heart. And when I say touches my heart, I mean He shows me His love and provision in such a gentle way that I go away feeling some what foolish for having spent those selfish hours worrying about our future.

Last night it was in the pajamas.

I was upset with myself because all of Lucy's warm pj's (she's been sleeping a lot better in warmer pajamas lately) were in the dirty laundry hamper and then while switching out her closet, I pulled a pair which we had bought for her over 10 months ago to wear this season, out of a storage box. It's simple, I know... but that's entirely the point in this case. I'd been all concerned that I had not anticipated her needs and done laundry that evening. I was feeling guilty for not "taking care of her" properly and then I turn around and God took care of her "need" almost a year ago and placed the solution there for when she needed it most. This is an incredibly simple illustration of the fact that I am indeed a slow learner. But better a slow learner than not a learner at all, right?

"I know that you can do all things. And that no purpose of yours can be thwarted." Job 42:2

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