A life-changing Greek Salad...

One day, several years ago I was working at my part-time job and in walked a really cute "new guy." We started talking... I'm pretty sure I started blushing... work suddenly became a lot more interesting.

A few weeks later, he slid a stack of little yellow post-it notes across the desk and asked for my number in a very suave, "catch you off guard so you won't say no" kind of way. I gave it to him.

A few days after that, He asked me out to lunch. He just asked me. ME.  I called my mom on the way and told her that "I wasn't sure but I thought that I might be on my way to a date."

I remember consciously trying to not flip my hair too much. I remember the shirt I wore-- I still have it somewhere in a drawer-- you know that place where you keep all the clothes which seem to have a bit of magic left in them? It still sits there, reminding me of that day and what it felt like to sit across from him and share a meal for the very first time.

I ordered Water and a Greek Salad and we talked about a dozen random subjects which we seemed to have all in common. Somewhere in the middle of that life-altering salad, I remember stealing a glance at his unbelievably blue eyes and wishing he might ask me out again. 

He did, in fact ask me out again. That was about four years ago-- currently he sits on the other end of our couch watching football and somehow not minding that my feet are very lazily settled in his lap.

It's funny how, in one moment, your life can change forever.

It's funny how, one day you're completely 100% single with no changes on the horizon.. and then.... all of a sudden you're not.

It's funny how, for several years, I was afraid I'd never get to check the "married" box on information forms... and now I cannot imagine my life without Him.

Somewhere in the middle of the whirlwind that was those first 8 months,  I began to realize that there was a very real possibility that I might never go on a "first date" again. As we grew closer, I began to entertain the hope that He was the one God had planned all along. All those days and nights I had wondered how and when God might "act" in this situation of life-- and then without the slightest bit of notice, He did. And it was so very worth the wait.

** Photo by the amazing Casey Chappell


BOWquet said...

aww that is so sweet!!!! :) It's so amazing to look back and see how God put all the puzzle pieces together :)

Tara said...

You are such a great writer, Cindy! I loved this post and the picture at the end just is the sweetest!

HappyascanB said...

I Love this post!

I had a life changing dinner, too! But I can't remember exactly what I ate! My "this just may be the ONE" moment was on our second date. . .

Our God has been WAAAAAYYY good to us!

Linda said...

I would have to ditto everything Tara wrote...great writer, sweet, sweet picture!

Caitlin L said...

I loved reading this, Cynthia. Brought tears to my eyes. I remember meeting Lance at Courtney's wedding and then when he came to our going away party and boy, was he a hit!! And I'm so thankful for him in your life and soooo thankful for you, my beautiful friend!

Lauren said...

Some of the best loves start with that "I think I might be going on a date" call to mom and "unbelievably blue eyes"... =)