Free Dinner from Earth Fare Supermarket

Have you ever been to Earth Fare? It's a cute, relatively small "healthy supermarket" chain which happens to be very close to our new home. When we moved here from NC, we were happy to see an Earth Fare since we had one in Raleigh and any taste of "home" was welcome!

They have an A-MAZ-ING deal going on right now! If you hop on over to their website and join their email list--(go to Welcome Home) they will give you a coupon for a FREE dinner (*with a ten-dollar purchase) The free dinner consists of one whole chicken (from the meat dept.); a 1-lb. bag of organic, whole baby carrots (from the produce section of course!) and One lb. of russet smashed potatoes (already prepared in the deli area)

WE found this to be a terrific deal, even with having to spend $10.00-- which we spent on some of their other great produce deals, by the way. They have a good produce department.

So we came home, roasted the chicken in our oven for an hour, roasted those carrots up with cherry tomatoes and a chopped leek, (YUM!) and heated the mashed potatoes. DELICIOUS! AND, we now have bones to make stock and chicken for another recipe!
If you live in either, the Augusta area, Raleigh-Durham, Columbia, Charleston, Tallahassee or one of the other locations... consider this deal!

And now for your viewing pleasure... here is what we did with our free meal:

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