Publix Baby Club Freebie!

If you live in a state that has a Publix Grocery Store, (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee) and you have a child under the age of two, you should join the Publix Baby Club!

As soon as we moved here, I joined online and though they do send you some nice little money-saving coupons, the real deal was this FREE book they sent me. It's a encyclopedia-size American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to caring for children from Birth to Age 5. The book has a $20.00 value but I received it at no charge a couple of weeks after I went online and joined the Publix Baby Club. I would imagine that most of you that live in one of these states know about this deal already-- but I was really shocked at how nice the book was! And in our house, FREE Books are better any day!

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Elaine said...

I registered for the baby club already and was also very excited when I realized what the "free gift" was! Very nice of Publix!